About Us

Wireless Toybox is a part of NuConcepts Network Inc. based out of Mishawaka, Indiana and has been in the industry since 2006. Through retail stores the company specializes in offering variety of industry leading accessories for all types of cell phones, tablets and music devices. The main focus of the company was to provide accessories for cell phones, but for the past few years we have expanded that to music devices such as iPods and tablets such as            iPads, Kindle Fire’s and more. We strive to address the needs of our customers and for that reason all of our stores are corporately owned and operated. With the help of the experience gained through such direct interactions with our customers, we know what cases better fit their needs which is why we offer a wide selection of cases which vary from being trendy to industrially protective such as premium brand accessories like Incipio, Casemate, UAG and more.